When a laundry company offers you a lease or other contract, decades of legal expertise and laundry industry experience have gone into the drafting of that lease or contract – for the benefit of the laundry company, not you!

With 32 years of experience in handling thousands of laundry room lease matters, there is no law firm anywhere that is better equipped to assist you with negotiating a laundry room lease that will benefit YOU and your tenants!

We will help you identify, revise, or eliminate the frequently buried or confusing laundry room lease provisions that could otherwise end up:

  • Costing you a lot of money in laundry revenues that fall short of what you were expecting
  • Leaving you with old, or poorly functioning laundry machines that your tenants will complain to YOU about
  • Sticking you with an agreement that lasts much longer than you thought it did, and which you can’t get out of
  • Giving the laundry company the right to match any new lease that you wish to enter into with another company
  • Allowing the laundry company to refuse to follow your rules for vendors who come to your property

It is always better to prevent such problems from occurring, rather than trying to fix them after they have occurred.  We can help you negotiate a new laundry room lease or contract that avoids such problems altogether.

Call us at (630) 548-5800 for a consultation about the best legal way to address your laundry service needs.  Have an industry expert on your side, working for you!