Winick & Gallaher, P.C. has decades of experience in representing homeowner associations, condominium associations, townhome associations, master associations, and common interest community associations with problems and disputes where their regular attorneys have legal or business conflicts of interest. Examples include problems between neighboring associations, disputes regarding financial responsibility for maintenance and repair of common areas, controversies between current and former board members, disputes between associations and management companies, disagreements among various board members, or individual homeowner disputes with their associations. Our attorneys make every effort to resolve such disputes quickly and cost-efficiently. When necessary, we will provide you with strong litigation representation. If you have a problem or dispute involving a condominium association, townhome association, single family home association, or other homeowner association, or a master association or a common interest community association, you can get prompt, experienced, and caring assistance by contacting Winick & Gallaher, P.C.

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