A problem increasingly faced by businesses and their owners is the appearance of false and defamatory postings by typically anonymous sources on Internet websites, review services, or blogs.   This can damage your reputation and hurt your business.  If that happens to you, you may have legal rights – and we can assist you with asserting them!  If the posting about you or your business is false and legally defamatory, we could contact the website host to seek the removal of the posting.  Another option could be to take legal action designed to force the website host to reveal the identity of the poster, whom we could then sue for defamation if they refuse or are unable to remove their posting.  The poster might be ordered to pay you financial compensation, even in the absence of proof of an actual financial injury resulting from the defamation, if the defamation concerns any of several subjects where such injury is presumed as a matter of law, without actual proof being needed.  These can be powerful weapons to assert against cowardly posters who spread harmful lies, and our law firm is experienced in assisting the victims of such misconduct. We can also contact known on-line posters for you, and demand that they remove their defamatory postings or face a lawsuit

For assistance at fighting back against damaging online defamation, call our office at (630) 548-5800.