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Running a business in today’s world requires the legal expertise of seasoned professionals.  Winick & Gallaher, P.C. is a team of Naperville business attorneys who provide skilled business representation to clients throughout DuPage, Will, Kane, and Cook Counties. We are conveniently located minutes from Wheaton, Downers Grove, Warrenville, Lisle, Lombard, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, Plainfield.

We are exclusively business lawyers.  We do not handle divorces, personal injury cases, residential real estate closings, criminal cases, etc., like some “business lawyers” do.

An experienced business attorney from our firm can provide you with legal assistance in:

  • Business formation and corporate maintenance.  Our knowledgeable Naperville business law attorneys will handle all aspects of business formation and required maintenance for any size and type of business.
  • Contracts.  Contracts are one of the most significant areas of legal concern for many business owners.  Skillfully crafting and negotiating contracts which protect your business is paramount in keeping your business successful.
  • Business transactions.  From business formations and acquisitions to employee disputes, our business attorneys can provide astute legal assistance to protect your rights and grow your business.
  • Homeowner Association and Common Interest Community Association Disputes.  Our attorneys’ practices include representing homeowner associations, condominium associations, townhome associations, master associations, and common interest community associations, in disputes over financial responsibility for maintenance/repairs of common areas, violations of open meetings laws, unfulfilled board or homeowner obligations, disputes with management companies or former boards, etc.
  • Franchise agreements If you are considering buying or selling a franchise business, an experienced franchise attorney can provide invaluable advice.
  • Commercial litigation.  Whether you need assistance in resolving a dispute or strong advocacy in court to assert or protect your rights, we can provide aggressive representation in contentious business matters.
  • Commercial leases.  Whether you need assistance in reviewing, drafting, or negotiating a commercial lease, or with resolving a lease dispute, our experienced attorneys can assist you in all matters involving business leases.
  • Commercial real estate.  Our business attorneys can assist in all matters of leasing, buying, or selling real estate for business purposes.
  • Trademarks and service marks.  Establishing or protecting trademarks and service marks is an essential part of many businesses, and we can help you create your marks and prevent others from infringing on their usage.
  • Copyright services.  Our business lawyers can help you protect copyrighted materials and/or obtain copyrights for written works and other intellectual property.
  • Estate planning, wills, and trusts Planning ahead to protect your assets and provide for heirs is always prudent – particularly when it involves business assets in addition to your personal property.
  • Probate Practice..  Passing on without an estate plan that addresses business matters can leave remaining partners and heirs with a lengthy and expensive probate process.
  • Intellectual property licensing In licensing intellectual property, you can profit from others’ use of your property in U.S. and overseas markets.
  • Assistance with Removing On-Line Defamation. A problem increasingly faced by businesses and their owners is the appearance of false and defamatory postings by typically anonymous sources on Internet websites, review services, or blogs.
  • Terminating laundry room contracts. If you are a property owner or manager who wants to terminate a laundry room contract, we have the expertise to properly assist you.
  • Negotiating laundry Room Leases. We can assist you with negotiating a laundry room lease that is beneficial for you.
  • Laundry service industry law Our attorneys represent companies in the laundry service “route” business throughout the United States.  Our lawyers have handled over 5,000 laundry room matters, including over 500 lawsuits.
  • Vending machine industry. Our attorneys have many years of experience in assisting clients with food and other vending service contracts and disputes.
  • Restaurant industry.  Our business attorneys’ practices include representing many restaurants and other food industry clients with everything from day-to-day issues and contracts to problems and disputes.
  • Legal Assistance to Multi-Property Residential Landlords and Property Management Companies.
  • Legal Assistance for Antique Dealers and Collectors.

Your business is our business

Contact a business lawyer at Winick & Gallaher, P.C. for assistance with your legal matters at 630-548-5800.  You can also use our email form and contact our business attorneys for help.